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Trac nghiem TA

Bài gửi by luckyluckystar on Wed Sep 02, 2009 2:45 pm

1. Ouch! ________ my finger!

a) I cut
b) I've cut
2. This movie is ______ than his last one.

a) best
b) good
c) better
3. I ________ my key yesterday, so I couldn't get into the house. Eventually, I found it in my jacket pocket.

a) lost
b) have lost
4. Chika ________ from university last July.

a) graduated
b) has graduated
5. I ________ to work every day for the last six weeks!

a) walked
b) have walked
6. Joji ________ in Tokyo for five years, but he left in 1993.

a) lived
b) has lived
7. The Titanic ________ in 1912.

a) sank
b) has sunk
8. Tom has ____ English lessons on Thursdays.

a) your
b) her
c) his
9. I need _______ soon.

a) going
b) to go
10. Can I pay by _____ check?

a) a
b) the
c) không cần điền gì cả
11. I need _____ information.

a) an
b) some
12. There ____ a lot of people who are interested in what you are doing.

a) is
b) are
13. Somebody ________ my bicycle! Now I'll have to walk home.

a) stole
b) has stolen
14. His clothes ______ very old-fashioned.

a) is
b) are
15. Jack __________(live) in Boston for the past 15 years.

a) has lived
b) lives
c) lived
16. How ______ money have you got?

a) many
b) much
17. There _______ enough beer for everyone to have some.

a) are
b) is
c) be
18. I'm staying at ___ hotel on ____ Hudson river.

a) the - the
b) a - the
c) a - a
d) a - Ø
19. Gerry ________ off his bike three times this month.

a) fell
b) has fallen
20. Mathematics ______ not very easy to understand.

a) are
b) is

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